Savannah Schwenning

From my youngest years, I knew that my heart belonged in working within the helping profession.

I believe that our relationships and connections with others play a pivotal role in finding our meaning and fulfillment. Relationships can be so rewarding, exciting and love filled and can also be very complex, lonely and overwhelming. I recognize the value in working on our relationships and identifying our needs, wants and fears.

It’s my goal to work collaboratively with you to make your therapy experience comforting and beneficial. I provide an unbiased and non-judgemental stance to support you in navigating challenges and life obstacles, as I am alongside your therapy journey and road to self-discovery. My hope is for our therapy sessions to lead you to feel like you are truly investing in the best version of yourself.

I often bring a combination of client-centered and humanistic approaches in addition to evidence-based tools within the Gottman Method. It’s my job to provide tools for each individual and couple specific to their unique needs. I aspire to provide a neutral and compassionate stance towards each individual on my couch. Additionally, I often incorporate hope and optimism into therapy.

I have extensive experience working in the field of addiction and helping individuals in their journey towards recovery and wholeness. Furthermore, I am knowledgeable in creating a therapeutic space to work through the many impacts of problematic drinking and substance abuse.

I also have vast experience in supporting individuals with dual diagnosis and comorbidities such as anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues. As well, I have a lot of experience working with individuals and couples within the LGBTQ community. Additionally, I have ample experience working with couples provide tangible tools to help couples improve their relationship satisfaction. I also have much familiarity working with couples who have experienced betrayals and infidelity in addition to communication, connection and intimacy barriers