Behind every complaint​

there's a deep personal longing

- John Gottman

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Panganiban Therapy provides services to help couples build a strong, secure and happy marriage.

Couples Workshop

For couples that would like to enhance their relationship, this 2-day workshop will provide you with the skills you need to get your relationship on the right track. This workshop will help you enhance your friendship, deepen intimacy, learn tools to effectively manage conflict and build a deeper sense of shared meaning.

Marathon Therapy

Marathon Couples Therapy offers practical benefits as well. It’s a good fit for couples who want intensive therapy but don’t live in the vicinity of a Certified Gottman Therapist. It’s also a good fit for couples whose schedules do not allow for them to go to weekly therapy sessions. 

Couples Therapy

Weekly couples therapy services are also available. Sessions are 75-minutes in length as research shows that a longer session is more effective plus it is cost saving for you.

Individual Therapy

 Individual therapy can help you increase your thought and behavior patterns to make changes to be able to live a more satisfying, fulfilling life. We can help you learn to better manage stress, improve relationship difficulties, process traumatic experiences or cope with mental health concerns. 

Premarital Therapy

Premarital sessions begin with a thorough, in-depth assessment of your relationship. The assessment includes an initial couples session followed by a scientific evaluation of your relationship powered by the Gottman Love Lab. Following the Love Lab evaluation, you will each meet with your therapist for an individual therapy session.

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While listening and nodding has its place — it feels good to be heard — our goal is to help you put action behind that support. This means giving you the practical tools you need to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Is real and lasting change hard work? Yes. But it is possible. We see it happen every day.

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