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Panganiban Therapy is passionate about helping couples have a healthy and happy relationship.

Our team of dedicated therapists help set up couples for a respectful, committed, and honest relationship. We collaborate with our clients to ensure they feel heard, safe, and secure in every session. Driven to help couples succeed, we utilize the Gottman Method to help couples address and overcome past and current issues.

With our empathetic but knowledge-based approach, we can help couples strengthen their marriage. We offer couples workshops, marathon therapy, couples therapy, and premarital therapy to provide the opportunity and structure to reach your relationship goals. At Panganiban Therapy, we believe that the better we understand ourselves and our partner, the better our chances of a long and happy marriage. Please contact us at 858-868-5558 or email admin@panganibantherapy.com for inquiries or to schedule your appointment.

Kimberly Panganiban Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist

License #: MFC52717

Kimberly Panganiban

Kimberly is passionate about helping others and her specialty is helping couples improve their relationship. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 52717) with over a decade of experience working with individuals, couples, groups and families. She is a Certified Gottman Couples Therapist, Trainer and Consultant. Kimberly is certified to present all three levels of the Gottman Method Training sequence as well as the Art & Science of Love Weekend Workshop for couples. She also serves as a consultant to clinicians seeking certification in the Gottman Method. In addition to her expertise in the Gottman Method, Kimberly is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and integrates it into her work.

I have experience with pre-marital couples, newlyweds, long-term relationships, affairs/betrayals, sexual dissatisfaction, and the transition to parenthood. I can help with improving communication and learning how to manage conflict productively. Together we will work toward strengthening your friendship, increasing positive interaction, improving intimacy and instilling hope for the future of your relationship.

My approach is gentle, supportive and empathic but I am direct when necessary. I believe in collaboration with my clients and I strive to make sure each partner feels heard and understood in each session. My goal is to provide clients with the tools they need so they can become the masters of their own relationship.

I utilize the Gottman Method in my work with couples simply because it is effective. I have seen it work with the couples that walk into my office and the knowledge I gained during my training helped strengthen my own marriage. There is nothing greater than being able to improve our understanding of our partner and ourselves so that our relationship may flourish. The Gottman Method provides the opportunity, structure and tools to reach your relationship goals and feel confident in maintaining a healthy, happy relationship.Please contact Dana at 858-868-5558 or email admin@panganibantherapy.com for all scheduling inquiries.

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