Consultation Services

Did you recently attend a Gottman training? Are you struggling to understand the model or implement the interventions?

Kimberly has been there before too and would be happy to help you on this journey!

Kimberly offers consultation services to help clinicians begin to conceptualize cases within the Gottman framework, analyze results from the online assessment questionnaires and implement the Gottman interventions. Don’t struggle integrating this model into your work alone! Call today to get more information on scheduling a consultation session.

Consultation for Certification Track

Are you applying for the Certification Track or planning to in the future?

It can be difficult to select a Consultant who will guide you through the Certification Track from just reading a bio. You want to make sure you are going to be working with someone that is a good fit. We know this is a big decision and, therefore, are happy to offer a free 20-minute phone (or Zoom) meeting to get to know one another. Please contact Kimberly if you are interested in scheduling.

The fee for Consultation is $150 for a 50-minute session.