Premarital Therapy

Panganiban Therapy offers premarital therapy to help couples prepare for a strong, healthy marriage.

Premarital sessions begin with a thorough, in-depth assessment of your relationship. The assessment includes an initial couples session followed by a scientific evaluation of your relationship powered by the Gottman Love Lab. Following the Love Lab evaluation, you will each meet with your therapist for an individual therapy session. After this is all complete, your therapist will generate and review your personalized Relationship Report. This is a detailed report that highlights the areas of strength in the relationship and any current or future areas of concern. Based on the assessment findings, your therapist will work with you to create a plan moving forward to address any issues in the relationship and to provide you with the necessary tools for maintaining a healthy, happy relationship for a lifetime.

On average, premarital therapy lasts for 8-10 sessions. However, based on the Relationship Report findings, more or fewer sessions may be recommended.

Premarital Therapy For Couples Panganiban Therapy LLC San Diego CA

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