Grayson Wallen

M.A., Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #12135

I help those in addiction recovery and couples in dull, difficult, and conflicted relationships. It’s grueling for anyone considering divorce because they have lost their passion for their partner, are eternally conflicted, or feeling weighed down in their relationship. You might be worried about how your kids will take the news, if you can financially recover, or even second-guessing if divorce is the right move. I have completed the Level 3 Practicum Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and I use the Gottman’s relationship research to help couples develop friendship, manage conflict, and create meaning in their relationship.

I help individuals make meaning of their emotions and know what’s holding them back from breaking through their problems. If you are in recovery (sex, love, alcohol, substance) or trying to get to recovery, I know the difficulty that staying clean and sober brings on relationships,work, and mental/emotional stress. I help people find and maintain their recovery by making meaning of deep and intense emotions to sustain recovery efforts.

I have a Blog with posts to help with depressionsuicideeffective journalingshame, and anxiety. Read more about my professional experience here.

For new clients, please contact Dana at 858-868-5558 or regarding scheduling. Existing clients can see my available session schedule and request a session in real time by clicking the button below:

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